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Dr. Shah - Cost of Rhinoplasty (Nose Job) - Denver, CO

How much does rhinoplasty cost? That's actually a very interesting question. Rhinoplasties on the surface can cost anywhere between $4,000 and upwards past $10,000. It really depends on what type of rhinoplasty somebody's having. If it's a first-time primary rhinoplasty, it might be on a lower-end cost, but, revision surgery for reconstruction or other work, it may cost a lot more. I always caution patients, not to pick their surgeon based on price. A rhinoplasty is not the same thing as having a hamburger made at your favorite fast food chain. I mean, it's a customized procedure, and probably considered to be the hardest operation performed in cosmetic plastic surgery. The best thing I can always tell a patient to do is to make sure they do their homework and talk to a number of surgeons in their community who are known to do rhinoplasty surgery. The average number of surgeons in the United States do roughly 10 to 12 rhinoplasties per year. I, for example, do upwards of 50 rhinoplasties per year, and there are people in a community who will do 100 to 200 rhinoplasties per year. Make sure that your rhinoplasty surgeon has a very good revision policy and a very good revision history. Take a look at their before and afters before you decide on price as the only point of importance. Have a good day, take care.