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What Is a Facelift?

When anti-aging products aren’t enough, a facelift or mini facelift can be just what the doctor ordered since this surgery produces a younger, more contoured face by removing fat and tightening facial muscles and skin. A facelift is an effective way to treat lines and wrinkles as well as droopy skin around the face and neck. If a patient doesn’t require a drastic change in appearance, Denver facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Manish Shah, may suggest a mini facelift as an option. In either type, incisions are made in discreet places such as the hairline or the folds of the ears or face to reduce the effects of scarring. Most patients can expect to look between 5 and 10 years younger afterward.

Am I a Candidate for a Facelift?

Most people who desire a facelift procedure want to tighten noticeable skin laxity around the middle and bottom regions of the face. A facelift can target many areas, depending on your personal needs. Candidates should understand that age won't always dictate the best time to opt for a facelift. There are numerous unique reasons, as well as multiple lift types, to inform the choice. The facelift used will be different for patients under 50 vs. those in their 60s and 70s. The condition of the skin is one of the primary elements in the decision-making process. Also, facelift patients should be in good overall health, refrain from smoking, and approach the surgery with realistic result expectations.

Skin-Only Facelift

Also referred to as the cutaneous facelift, this technique removes excess and loose skin to create a tightened look. The remaining skin is repositioned to lift sagging cheeks and jowls. It also improves the profile along the jaw line. With this facelift technique, the muscles or fat tissues are left untouched. As the treatment focuses on the skin only, recovery is quick. This is ideal for those who still have good tone muscle and distribution of fat, but find the skin losing elasticity in some areas.

Traditional Facelift (SMAS)

SMAS is the superficial musculo-aponeurotic system, which is a muscle complex that is primarily active when it comes to facial expression. With normal wear-and-tear due to age, gravity and personal habits, muscle tissue loses its form and becomes displaced significantly for those over 50. This particular facelift is considered the standard when it comes to this cosmetic procedure. With lengthy incisions on the side of the face, from the temple to the lower hairline behind the ear, the skin will be peeled and lifted to reshape contours. If there is excess fat and skin, these will also be removed.

Deep Plane Lift

For those who have severe cases of drooping and skin folds that are normal with aging and extensive sun exposure, a deep plane lift may be the best approach. This is especially true for those whose facial profiles need extensive reshaping on areas that typically have the volume and tight contours. This involves a highly specialized skill set and the plastic surgeon must be carefully selected as the nature of procedure has a high chance of damage to the facial nerves.

Mini Facelift

Also called as a short-scar facelift because of the shorter incisions made, a mini lift is a quick treatment that corrects the middle and lower face. Many patients initially consider this technique, but this doesn’t correct any severe issues and usually renders short-term results. Patients who undergo this procedure are most likely to also stage a full facelift as a final step to fully rejuvenate and reshape the face to its youthful curves.


In addition, Dr. Shah has revolutionized a procedure known as the Ultralift. Dr. Shah developed this procedure in 2011. It was designed to provide rapid recovery with less downtime but can still be performed as an outpatient surgery. A surgical ultrasound system is used to melt away fat as well as tighten the skin to reshape the face with more natural results. Even though it’s a true surgical facelift, the “wind tunnel” look of a traditional facelift is avoided, resulting in a softer, more youthful appearance.

Excellent dr. He repaired my face after a botched surgery - I love dr. Shah, he fixed me and I feel and look pretty now because of him. He repaired the damage done from a previous plastic surgeon.He is hones, cost conscientious, sincere and genuinely cared about me and my results. He made me not rush into anything and made me see him after the right time for him to be able to repair anything without harm. At my initial consult, he spent over an...

S. RealSelf

I went to Dr. Shah to get some injections for a natural looking face lift. He convinced me that to look younger I need to get a chemical peel that was so strong it can only be performed by a licensed physician. After reading all the pros and cons he assured me that the procedure will go well and that it is what I need. I trusted him, so I agreed to start with the chemical peel. Big mistake! I was only 39 years old and he performed to strong of a chemical peel which left me with multiple layers of severe and permanent scarring on my forehead and hypo-pigmentation which means the pigment has been permanently stripped from parts of my face. I can not ever tan, because then you can really see the difference. During the actual procedure I told him that it was too much and that I could not take the burning anymore. I was in tears and felt like I am going to pass out. He told me: "You women who never had children don't know what pain is!" His other remark was that I should just imagine living in the middle east and have acid thrown on my face. He would not take it off. I have news for him. I did have a child 1.5 years later and child birth is not as painful as the procedure!!! He has never apologized to me and just denied that anything happened. I tried to get a lawsuit against him, but it is extremely hard to find a doctor who is willing to testify against another doctor. We found out that his notes were incomplete and that he lied in his notes as well. I would be VERY careful and want everyone to know that there are far better doctors out there who will not try to degrade their patients and who are not hackers like this one. Be very careful and do your research!!!

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I am almost fully healed with just a little swelling - I had a mini facelift performed by DR Shah about a month ago and I am almost fully healed with just a little swelling. I had nothing but positive experiences at his office with him and all his employees. His assistant during the surgery was especially pleasant! Cannot wait to see the final results in the next 6 months!

F. RealSelf

I had a mini facelift performed by DR Shah about a month ago and I am almost fully healed with just a little swelling. I had nothing but positive experiences at his office with him and all his employees. His assistant during the surgery was especially pleasant! Cannot wait to see the final results in the next 6 months!

F. RealSelf

My Muscle Wall Gave Way Giving my Abdomen an Unsightly Large Buldge - Denver, CO - I met Dr Shah in 2007 when he did a face lift for me. I was really happy with the results. When I found out no amount of diet and exercise would remedy the problem with my abdomen I contacted him. and even through I no longer live in Colorado, I knew he was the doctor I wanted to perform my surgery.I am a little over four weeks after surgery and I am thrilled with the results. I am 66 years old and healing well and now I have the tummy I have dreamed of having.Thank you Dr Shah I appreciate your skill and care!

D. RealSelf


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Non-Invasive Techniques?

Cosmetic surgery is constantly evolving and always finding ways to minimize the invasiveness of procedures. There are countless options that are considered less invasive than a facelift, including wrinkle relaxers such as BOTOX®, injectable fillers, microdermabrasion and chemical/laser peels. These alternatives aim to correct signs of aging such as wrinkles, as well flatten and soften folds and contours. The effects, while effective, are often short-term lasting about 6 months to a year. Although these procedures can be safely repeated, for some, a facelift may be a better, more permanent option.

How Natural?

Immediately following a facelift procedure, the patient will feel tightness and a pulling sensation. This is normal as the facial tissues, skin and muscle adjust to their new positions. It is important to choose a reputable plastic surgeon that has years of experience in facial cosmetic surgery. A doctor with experience in facial surgery will create natural, smooth results that will last for years to come.

Visible Scars?

A tradional facelift requires a long cut from the temple to the lower hairline, but the scars will be well concealed within the hairline and natural creases on the face. With the lesser invasive techniques, the scars heal pretty well and will almost be completely invisible to the naked eye.

Best Age?

Anyone can consider a facelift as soon as evidence of aging starts taking a toll on the skin. Generally, patients who are age 50 to 70 consider a facelift. Personal habits and environmental conditions can impact the skin and there are patients who are only 40 that are also good candidates for a facelift.

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